City Lick

Vanity head, lipstick botox, identikit face to fit in pout in

Apple sauce knickers, custard cock, haribo breast milk

Skinny late, false fur, petrol toking, range roving, lid lost

Sanity chaser, reality checker, material comparer

Play with my things, they’re better than yours, Work hard

Best grades, best shades, fastest car, how far does it get you

How far do you go to find the centre of the city

Special rooms for special friends, special clubs, tiger heads

Heavy gold, stage clothes, highest heels, eggmen, walrus, ego

Go low, beyond the gutter, higher than the edge, further

Max out, throw up, polluted breathe, dog tired, maverick mogul

High achiever, hardcore player, lux one, velvet tongued, gloss

Sheen, shine, 20 a day, in a shake, ready before you,

Filed perfect, slick sublime, comic timing Rolex, sharp

Wit tick, no shake, stutter free, imperfection free

Waste heavy, plastic rich, eco label when convenient

Conservative and liberal, demon democrat, master of debate

Lawyer, accountant, agent, advisor, doctor, trainer, speed dial

Homecare, cleaner, nanny, go.  Happy, yes, got it all.

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