Bottle that blonde and mod that rocker

She had one eye paranoid, the other on the prize

Schitzy blonde, leopard skin vice

Fucked an old rocker, his history skin bare

Excess all areas, a toxic pair

They fell everywhere

From VIP to up stairs

His records-his stories, more tunes than air

He missed more flights

Than he smoked Marboro Lights

It was the vodka that was hidden

In wardrobes and boxes with lids on

Discovered like a cheating lover

His secret blur

The son sat listening, awake at the door

His mother’s stomach had been kicked in before

The tune that was played

As a cupboard crashed on her head

Was ‘I wish you were dead’

She’d written it when they married

For the dreams they both shared.

I’ll be more rock n roll than you was their motto

They worshipped the same insane grotto

An island of bacchanalian fantasy

Each the stars of their own movie

Exhausted by each other’s quest for success

She killed his career, made him a mess

Sure he was finished a long time ago

He was a victim of his own ego

Amazing associations to pop heroes

Blow job tales, his nose as long as his toes

She’d fallen for his vinyl

Like the Lambrusco price tag to a wino

Whether she can be blamed

If she begged to be maimed

The attraction had been destiny,

Like Sid & Nancy

Adieu, her smile an old fashioned lie

She looked better than when he’d first picked her up, she’d been totally cross eyed.

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