Bionic Catatonic


The stars drop out of the denim rippled sapphire camouflage sky

Like bullets.  And the Plough realigns as a target eye

Meteors hit like Roman candles over Lindesfarne

The half moon invites us to walk all night

Under its bone glaze, wise owl power

Serge clouds gather to shield us from 3:AM wisdom

Torches drop like laser guns

Taking my retinas, burn burn burn

This canvas ship between the rowan boughs

The morning promises a thousand greens

Moss surrounds the silver walls

The Milky Way high above conifer castles

Their branches sit on mountain tops

Black Elk feathers

I cannot hear the motorway or see the other tents

The cars have regressed

I am wild and alone and progress is yet to be invented


Come chocolate bombs and fall on Primrose Hill!

As long as it’s organic

Lactose free, not a cow in sight

Swarm over, Death by delight!

Come, chocolate, blast their synapses, those comfortable high-ceilings, fresh platters at Limonia, devil’s picnicking, boutique design, quiet drinking rockstars, and rich brothels of the night.

Mess up the mess they call a village, come on let the 100% cocoa release its powers. Let’s send them whizzing up to space at 5000 miles an hour.


The atom had been split

The stage pre-lit

There’s nothing the kid could do

Except blow up Western rule

Family leaders of their fields

Cured cancer, immaculately well-heeled

There’s nothing the kid could do

He’d joined Mensa at age two

His mother was a Nobel Prize winner

His dad a self-righteous sinner

They laid the gauntlet not to be matched

The brother did a better of job of staying attached

There’s nothing the kid could do

Nothing to impress, just nets to fall through

He tried to keep up

But ambition shadows died


I’m a bionic catatonic

Whizz splat Whizz splat

Verbally isotonic

Then nigh dead

I’m bionically pre-possessed

So much excitment in my head

A zillion rays of neon genius

Mistress of my own lodge

Rules are not for libertarians

Nor the lack of time we’ve got

Time Time Time Time Time – too much

Run out, don’t leave me  Never stop

Lost again – staring at these walls

No future is beyond them

I’m so finished I cannot walk

After this fallow phase is over

I’l be back like n’er before

Competitive till I kill myself

for having no walls at all

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