Life is a catwalk


My mum says, life is not a fashion parade, but I have an outfit for everyday of the year.

People know me for never seeing me in the same thing twice.  The yogic practice of Niyama means to take pride in one’s appearance.  I do not want to fall victim of what I call ‘freelance pyjama syndrome’-an easy liberty to get used to when working from home, hence, from today, I am going to try to catalogue an outfit per day (and really I often veer towards five, so we’ll see how it pans out)…

I’m just back from a marathon of red carpets in Cannes, so here I am, back in London, in my house-cleaning clothes, although one of the best things anyone ever said to me was ‘I can’t imagine you with a hoover’ (Thanks, Florence Cooper, aged 80, who I used to go and see as voluntary work once a week, I hope you’re not dead, I still use your cake mixer)…

…here I am, living for you, wearing:  a customised Hard-Fi T-shirt, pale cropped jeans gifted by Kelli Ali, rainbow & cloud glasses from the best department store in Tokyo,, flip-flops made with recycled rubber by Hippo Bloo – bought in a market in Bangkok. Mop by Vileda.

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