Day five. I don’t want to get dressed.

My friend asked ‘what happens with this 365 Catwalk idea on those days when you don’t want to bother getting dressed?’  Good question…today I am in a lull after Cannes, it was a phone call got me out of the T-shirt and knickers I’d been working in all morning…

Using the target of going out to buy supplies I got properly dressed, tried faking happiness for photos and it didn’t work, so these melancholic shots demonstrate the lovely Beatrix Ong’s current mantra for honesty in all areas of life.

Flat white lace-ups, TopShop (reduced to £15, nice).  One of my favourite skirts, goose grey leather with zips by Alexander McQueen, raglan sleeved top with Basquiat print in beige and maroon, bought in a Tokyo branch of Uniqlo.,,,

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