Straight 8.

I am an adult – yippeee – I made it.  Early yoga (that’s a different form to ashtanga, iyengar or anusura). Cleaned, breakfashioned (that’s like really small portions).  Meeting (Saturday, I’m keen).  Wish I were going to Hay for the literary festival.  This week I have also wished to be in Ibiza, South Africa, and about 29 other locations.

White lace dress, American Apparel.  Black denim new best friend of dress that I shall call Laura Darcalbionski, by McQ.  Necklaces, various.  Shoes, New Collection, Phnom Penh.

Totally scored at the Alexander McQueen sample sale yesterday.  Many precious unaffordable pieces, particularly a nu-Afghan coat.

It was sad, looking through the possessions of a a dead person.  I was allowed into the inner temple, up the white ladders to heaven, where tortured pieces hung that don’t make the mainfloor – it was fascinating to see unfinished pieces which were playing with new ideas, bras as shoulderpads, rubber stripes on organza.

Long live McQueen.  



  1. is someone perched to take over his label? did it belong to one of the big conglomerates? i have a few pieces that i will cherish. bought a cashmere riding coat on was jonesing for his little skull clutch. he was brilliant! wish i was a sample size. would’ve loved to see the inner sanctum. seeing a show is on my bucket list.


  2. The Gucci group have appointed Sarah Burton to continue at McQueen, she’s being called the Creative Director. They hold 51% of the shares. Menswear is directed by someone I was at art school with, Harley, he always knew how to wear a biker jacket well. I met his assistant, Catherine (I think) at a party recently. She was cool, sporting a tennis cardigan, trained at Vivienne Westwood with a darling old friend. McQueen’s shows were amazing. I remember one in Borough Market that I went to with Pam Hogg. Would have loved to have been at the ShowStudio one in Paris, the one with all the cameras, did you see that. It was a masterpiece. Alex filmed one of his first.


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