Straight 8.

I am an adult – yippeee – I made it.  Early yoga (that’s a different form to ashtanga, iyengar or anusura). Cleaned, breakfashioned (that’s like really small portions).  Meeting (Saturday, I’m keen).  Wish I were going to Hay for the literary festival.  This week I have also wished to be in Ibiza, South Africa, and about 29 other locations.

White lace dress, American Apparel.  Black denim new best friend of dress that I shall call Laura Darcalbionski, by McQ.  Necklaces, various.  Shoes, New Collection, Phnom Penh.

Totally scored at the Alexander McQueen sample sale yesterday.  Many precious unaffordable pieces, particularly a nu-Afghan coat.

It was sad, looking through the possessions of a a dead person.  I was allowed into the inner temple, up the white ladders to heaven, where tortured pieces hung that don’t make the mainfloor – it was fascinating to see unfinished pieces which were playing with new ideas, bras as shoulderpads, rubber stripes on organza.

Long live McQueen.  

2 thoughts on “Straight 8.”

  1. is someone perched to take over his label? did it belong to one of the big conglomerates? i have a few pieces that i will cherish. bought a cashmere riding coat on was jonesing for his little skull clutch. he was brilliant! wish i was a sample size. would’ve loved to see the inner sanctum. seeing a show is on my bucket list.


  2. The Gucci group have appointed Sarah Burton to continue at McQueen, she’s being called the Creative Director. They hold 51% of the shares. Menswear is directed by someone I was at art school with, Harley, he always knew how to wear a biker jacket well. I met his assistant, Catherine (I think) at a party recently. She was cool, sporting a tennis cardigan, trained at Vivienne Westwood with a darling old friend. McQueen’s shows were amazing. I remember one in Borough Market that I went to with Pam Hogg. Would have loved to have been at the ShowStudio one in Paris, the one with all the cameras, did you see that. It was a masterpiece. Alex filmed one of his first.


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