Hang 10…working, on a Bank Holiday?

To maintain my glamorous life, I have to work…rubbish, huh?  One of my current gigs is lecturing a few times a week at a private college in Notting Hill (MA to HND) in writing, journalism, film, media and cultural studies.  Even on Bank Holidays.

Today, I’ve rolled out of bed into yesterday’s jeans and top, plus a ‘working’ white shirt to give some air of formality.  I’ll talk you through what hangs around my neck…on day 10…

Longest chain, Hot Diamonds.  Ganesh on silver chain, a gift bought in San Fransciso.  Monkey locket, R. Wasp or bee enamel necklace, made to order at Celtic Gold, Peel, Isle of Man (they do some lovely Archibold Knox designs – he was one of the Nouveau jewellery designers who defined Liberty’s work in that period).

http://www.rjewellery.com/, http://www.hotdiamonds.co.uk/, http://www.celtic-gold.co.uk

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