Late legs eleven…

On Thursday I’m styling a job for a friend who used to shelter me from tarnishing in the bleak midsummer nights of London, Gemma Peppe.  She’s a top flight trouper, a (former) midnight looper and is the lynchpin to The Hep C Trust – they’re like the 21st century Terence Higgins Trust, bringing light to a disease which can kill; Hep C chomps at livers till they stop working, but 50% of cases are curable, and some people banish the gnarl from their body through mysterious majik, it’s definitely  something that can be avoided, and Gemma’s mission is to bring awareness…

We’re working with a cultured pop star/photographer, and a raft of celebrities.  I’m not allowed to say anything else, but it’s great fun…all will be revealed in the coming months…today I picked up hats from Stephen Jones, one of which I’m wearing below, and a heap of other fabulous stuff which I’ll share some of shortly…

Note the reading material : THE ALL NEW BOOK CLUB BOUTIQUE ANTHOLOGY, featuring some really good writing, and myself.  Available at the Book Club Boutique in London, or at festivals over the summer.  Let me know if you’d like a copy and I will attempt to arrange it.  The Book Club Boutique is the foremost literary night in London, run by my old swordswordwoman, Salena Godden.

Hat, Miss Jones by Stephen Jones.  Goth lace collared chiffon top, Alexander McQueen. White ski top, Scarlett Johansen for Reebok.  Black jeans, as per the past two days – and still with a little stretch, ace.

I crippled by toes by failing to put on socks with my six inch heels, I was in such a hurry to leave the house in Louise Bourgeois-esque legs, RIP.

Because it’s a bit of a lame picture, here’s some from the roadtrip down to Cannes recently.  I’ll do the lowdown on the clothesdown when they appear in future postings…thanks folks. x

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