Day 14, Duvet head

I’m hiding under a duvet, Egyptian cotton, of course…

Met a Madame Hair yesterday, she said ‘Can I take your photo?’  Met another guy, who cleans streets, he was like, why do you dress so weird- I was deeeelighted, hadn’t shocked anyone for years.  A tutu makes one feel more vulnerable than anything…not something to hide in and no, I didn’t go out in those boots, I wore flat pumps. We ended up in the Landmark Hotel, drinking tea till the sun came up.

Jacket, Alexander McQueen, Tutu, Beyond Retro, T-shirt, designed by Sadie Frost, customised by myself, The Hep C Trust, Belt, to order, Belt Buckles Galore.

Other news from Kirsty’s Glamorous Life, ran into Jonny Halifax twice yesterday – the first time was literal, I drew to a halt across a zebra crossing, the next was at the Subway Gallery (ammmmazing Bob Grouen video that’s never been released, and photos that made me feel I was in CBGBs in the times I went there to emulate).  Jonny’s working on a Creation Records documentary, but he’s also a wild one man band, Honkeyfinger.  We go back like a time machine.

Madame Hair has an exhibition at 196 Brick Lane til June 14th

Bob Gruen til 26th June,  Subway Gallery, Joe Strummer Underpass, Edgeware Road,

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