Day 15, White out at the Roundhouse

Oh no, the birds are tweeting morning.  Just back from John Foxx, I’m in one of his films, y’know, Tiny Colour Movies. Foxx is the original synth pioneer.  Cool as lights in a tunnel.  Gary Numan DJed for him tonight at the Roundhouse, late, stuck in his CAR, ironically.  Took Kelli Ali, hung out with Eric Stein from Cult With No Name.  Showcase of classic pieces like Underpass and The Quiet Man, alongside Glastonbury-raveworthy new pieces with  Paul Daley and Benge (who’s recent album 20 Systems charts 20 different synths, historically)…Great visuals, diverse set, analogue styleee, using machines notorious for going off pitch, immaculately controlled.

What did I wear?  White.  Most people were in black…Skirt and jacket, Alexander McQueen.  Two vests, one underneath, Abercrombie & Fitch, one on top reading ‘Punch Drunk & In Love’, Blue Blood.

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