Day 16, I am lighting candles for Marjan Pejowski

Okay, so the bonus of styling is getting to try on cool clothes.  Here I am in a beautiful Autumn/Winter 2010 jacket by Marjan Pejowski. Available from Kokon Tozai later this year.

Also wearing lace top from Beyond Retro, leggings from the sale rail at H&M and a hat which used to belong to an infamous London club promoter of the 90s, Tubbs – I inherited the hat when I moved into his old flat in Exmouth Market over ten years ago…sadly I no longer live there, which made it difficult to attend the Art Car Boot Fair in Brick Lane today, combined with a fear of bombing up the A40 for the zillionth time this week.  I loathe repetition (as my students would more than happily attest), and I’d trashed the house so was locked indoors all day, making bridges out of water bottles over rivers of clothes.

Thanks to Kelli Ali for the photo.

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