Day she was just 17

Today’s lecturing costume lacked conviction.  Later I intend to bust some shorts and stripes down at the Ladbroke Grove astanga class, then check out Louis Elliot and the Embers at the Borderline…I will slope off for coffee or perhaps a bowl of Singapore Laksa between ventures at C&R in Rupert Court, and do some writing.

I featured Louis in a round-up of future talent in a fashion magazine called Scene where I used to edit , and roll up in the bottom of the fashion cupboard in my darker days.  Louis was then in a band called Rialto.  Alongside him were Lauren Laverne, Charlie Dark, and a few others I’d have to look in the archive for…

Dress, charity shop in Denia, Spain.  Leather, Alexander McQueen.  Jeans, True Religion. White pumps, TopShop. Bag, in foreground, SuperLovers.

2 thoughts on “Day she was just 17”

  1. Niyama doesn’t mean to take pride in your appearance. Slap handies. Kirsty.
    It means to behave well towards yourself and practise purity. It does meant that you have to wash behind your ears though.


  2. Hmmmm. My (somewhat loose) interpretation of Patanjali’s second limb, the Observances, was to act mindfully about oneself, I think that’s what I needed to take from it…perhaps it’s time to change my translation. I think I got it from a Bihar book. Of course Niyama can work at many levels beyond the superficial but without the basics of getting up and giving a shit about oneself, I’d be a comatose wreck. That’s why I started this blog. Here’s how I came to this:
    Shauca – personal purity and washing behind the ears.
    Santosa – to not want a nose job/amendments on personal appearance, contentment
    Tapas – with consistency
    Svadhyaya – study and reflection, why do we feel certain ways
    Ishvara prandihana – acceptance and surrender

    Shallow. Yes. More yoga practice required, yes, always. I’ve already missed the intended class today, and unlikely to get another in by being spread across multi-worlds in precarious heels.

    Yogi McCartney, through your noting I am sure I shall improve personal reflection and security issues, but please understand my translation. Yoga is to take what one can. Perhaps the word pride is insulting to the concept of acceptance however, noted, noted, noted. Om very shanti. Boom shanka. Love ya.


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