21 grams…am I dead yet? Step aboard my monkeybus

It’s day 21 in the haus of Kirsty …Or should I say zoo…

A mate of mine, a famous one, of course, recently said to me, “You’ve got to be demented to work in film”

And here I am in lecturing outfit to demonstrate:  Blue jeans by True Religion.  Jailbird vest, another of the same series from a couple of days ago.  Scarf, Chinatown market. Tailored navy pinstripe jacket, taken from my times copywriting at Marks & Spencer.  Orange sneaks, Russian Market, Phnom Penh.

I know you have to be nearly extinct to work in film, because I’ve been working on Tantric Tourists for nothing but a deluded notion of entertainment for several years.

To become a fan of TANTRIC TOURISTS, the multi-award winning comedy road movie, made about a real life tantric guru and her students grip on reality through India, you can get an exclusive 35% discount on the DVD (with Making Of edited by me), click here.  Available online, in cinemas and DVD later this year.

There’s a trailer on the big site here. Breathe and squeeze, babycakes.

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