Day 23, lazy poetry afternoon

Top outing eastward yesterday. Groovers and movers collected for PR shaker Letitia Thomas’ birthday at the Britannia on Victoria Park, owned by Cymon Eccles who used to run Boys Own, and runs the Griffin in Shoreditch.  He’s also opening a new bar, XOYO in Old Street in September – ai, you heard it here.  I used to DJ for him in Riki Tik’s in Soho on Friday nights.  Then went to a house party further east, more of a warehouse party, full of beautiful gay men.  On the streets when the host Oover Matic walked me to my vehicle, there were circus kids hoping to catch women in hoola hoops, drunk lost Mexicans, and many a freak.  Today I venture forth to Islington, for Lazy Gramophone, and then down to the Betsy Trotwood for Ivor Cutler.

Wearing:  Black Jeans, Alexander McQueen.  Check It Before You Wreck It t-shirt, designed by Sadie Frost for the Hep C Trust, customised by myself, all down the side.  American Apparel bandeau.  Shoes from Oxfam.  Jacket, McQueen.  Lipstick, Nars Heatwave.  Hat, Tubbs (see previous entry).

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