26 photographs waiting to be taken

Knickers.  It’s what makes or breaks an outfit.  

This dress is soooo freaking amazing, I’m not gonna show it to the blog until I can get a decent photograph of it.  My web cam is not up to the job.  But darlings, a million people have been taking my picture in it (yeah, alright, I wore it to Seb Horsley’s thing last night too)…but it’s so good, I had to wear it again today. Pictured here, on the roof of Shoreditch House, Alexander McQueen dress, shades by Oliver Peoples (there’s a story to them, another time perhaps), earrings from a charity shop. I had lunch in Shoreditch House with Tyrone Walker-Hebborn from Genesis Entertainment, and the Genesis Cinema near Whitechapel tube (the only 5 screen indie in London, I think, possibly the country).  We hadn’t seen each other since Cannes, schweedie. There’s a lovely story about the cinema and why Tyrone owns it – his mum and dad went there on their first dates, named their son after a movie star, Tyrone someone or other, then after grafting in the family roofing business, Tyrone came down from his ladder, and bought the place.  He’s now sold the roofing business but will go far higher.  Nice evening too, met some great people, caught up with others from yonks ago at a launch for Create -promoting arts across five East London boroughs, co-ordinated by a fabulous chick, Anna Doyle.  Got a cab home and had a kebab for dinner.   Classy.

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