27 Dandies Dancing

…in their graves.   Sebastian Horsley is dead.  Overdose.  Crack and smack sandwich.  I’m sad because he was gentle and I thought I was at the beginning of a journey with a new friend.  I thought there’d be time to get to know him.  He seemed jagged and overwhelmed on Wednesday at the party celebrating his life as a bio-play at Soho Theatre, and his gaze was off-centre.  I hate that look.  It’s vulnerable.  And tonight, at the rock n roll tailor, Mark Powell’s shop opening on 2 Marshall Street in Soho, one of Sebastian’s best friends, Robert Pereno, was angry.   He is someone who understands the jagged look.  You know I’m not a social photographer, there are plenty to do that, perhaps you’ll see more from the opening here: http://markpowellbespoke.co.uk/

But to business, there’s a poem below, perhaps appropriate for Michael Wojas’s funeral yesterday, and many more for the future…and there’s a supercool exhibition of classic photos at Mark Powell’s, I’d recommend it if you’re in the hood.  I took curator and designer, Wilhelm Finger who has the Double Decker agency.  He’s pictured, I have no idea what he’s wearing, but he always looks gorgeous.  Guga, his boyfriend, who works in La Maison/VIP shopping at the new Louis Vuitton store does buy him nice presents.

My shoes are from New Collection in Phnom Penh; dress from a charity shop in Axminster; scarf, left at my house by Kelli Ali; bracelet, gift from Patrick at La Lanta, Koh Lanta, http://www.lalaanta.com/; jacket, Alexander McQueen; hat from Tubbs (see previous entries), glasses, Celine.  The bag is vintage Mulberry.  The cherry earring was from a boutique jewellers on Upper Street a few years ago.  I made the other earring.

Wilhelm and I then went over to the Ray Lowry exhibition at the Idea Generation gallery on Chance Street (Lowry designed the London Calling cover), missed it, but went to the after party at the Horse and Groom, saw one song by John Moore Trio (he played drums in Jesus & Mary Chain after Bobby Gillespie left tells my source, Fortune Teller Press).

Also today, I saw my school girlfriends for lunch.  I love them.  They talk about Time Out, I talk about Time Out, the only difference is they’re talking about something they do to their children and I’m talking about the magazine…

High Society Funeral

It’s another high society funeral

What you gonna wear?

Gonna make it look like you care –

Or like you’ve been crying since dawn for the guy you met once

At a club

Too late to devote, a love never known

Burning or burial,

How does it compare with the one, last week

You know why he’s here?

Did you snort the ashes, or scatter?

Was there a sponsor at the wake? Sorry, who was there?

I was.

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