28 dates down…

…only 337 days to go.  This is getting personal.  I zippideed out of my daywear the minute I landed at my folks’ place in Lyme Regis for some sofa therapy; dived straight into my J-Lo PJs, seen with scarf from yesterday.  Watched the appalling English attempt at world class football, with my mum’s gorgeous dinner of lamb and orange khoresh (a kind of Persian tajine), and here I am with Dylan, the dog.  On Sunday I’m doing a gig in Shoreditch, www.civicsolstice.com – get on down to get on up.   Incidentally, the maker of my PJs, J Lo was at the Vanity Fair party in Cannes.  She looked fly, hanging late with her peeps, her hubby, I think – she’s come a long way since sewing these babies up (think the clothing wing of her empire closed last year), but y’know, she’s still Jenny from the Block…love her in U-Turn.  That party was mega. The best in Cannes.  Stay alive all.

One thought on “28 dates down…”

  1. my friend heather used to work for her clothing line. she was a total diva, called her on her wedding day to talk business. rude! maybe she has mellowed. this was during the benifer dayz. she also worked for puffy and beyonce. they were cool. she has her own gig now called yummy tummy. something that you, kirsty, would never need! unfortunately, i think the body shaper niche is over saturated. i think her stuff can be found in the uk. it’s in all the dept stores here.


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