Take 31

In this era when everyone can be their own TV presenter, critic or media punk, it’s good to get down with the prankster folk, even if they’re sponsored by Diesel.  Last night’s gig at Civic Solstic was totally fly, Shoreditch carpark transformed to pagan paradise (yeah, I’m sure the Christians stole that idea too), twinkling fairylights, candles, hay, and the organiser, Gary Fairful getting married to fellow Hoxtonite, Mr Ping Headcoat.  Oh, so many bloggers and medyah to witness…more photos later this week, but here are a couple, and my dear old best friend in the world, Andy Fraser, at the Old Blue Last after.  Today my life, and hopefully not my RSI shoulder, have been transformed with the AiiiPad.  Viva la cafe life.  Been reviewing my novel.  And I went to yoga, hence the garb.

Gary Fairful, Johnny BlueEyes & Ping Heathcoat at Civic Solstice

Will one of you young pretty girls at the Old Blue Last please marry Andy Fraser?

NB.  I take most of these pictures with my web cam, so sometimes require a stick, as there’s only three seconds to pose…

Boots – new to me, orig from Zara, bought in Southfields Oxfam; stripey socks, Tesco; shorts, Rudolf Dassler for Puma a few years ago; grey vest M&S, black vest H&M.  Necklace by R Jewellery (see previous entries).

5 thoughts on “Take 31”

    1. I’m wondering if I’m more slacker than punk, is it vanity demanding the act of being published by others, or does it exist as a quality sieve? The big boys rule the hegemony, but art informs and prevents us from becoming bland homogenous losers…SAVE ME FROM THE STRIFE OF HAVING TO DO IT ALL MYSELF, GOD OF PUBLISHING!


  1. Regard it as the creation of a work of art, or something akin. Alas, in the UK we live in a godless world. You might try India where older customs are still alive. The Hindu pantheon must surely have a suitable deity who would welcome a new priestess.


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