33 hours on the phone

Ingerland and the longest match ever in Wimbledon history, currently at 52 games all at 5 sets…yesterday saw the Horsley play, a macabre act.  I went with Oover Matic who met him whilst doing the music for the Commes Des Garcons shows Horsley modelled in.  I’d only met Sebastian recently, had lunch a few weeks ago, been at his party the night before he died, but the play opens with obnoxiousness, and leaves you wanting more of the Oscar Wilde-esque one-liners…as does his life…or lack of it.  The funeral is next week.  Yuk.

I got snogs from Louie Sturge today, a 1 year old, whose mummy Melanie is a talented artist currently resting in a pool of children.

Boho today, turquoise top, a present without a label.  Trousers, Diesel.

The other pics are by Ed Robinson, www.EdRobinsonPhotography.com, from the Civic Solstice gig…

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