35 prayers to the wardrobe

Newspapers, if it weren’t for the flags on the outside of the buildings they’d be like any other open plan offices, they never live up to the excitement portrayed in The Paper, but they have a noir-ish attraction, guess it’s the power and the deadlines…so today, after I returned from the excitement of a meeting with the best newspaper in Britain, I got in, threw the shackles of  clothes to the floor, then thought, oh man, I’ve not done my blog…I put on an apron, the pictures looked the wrong side of pornographic (like readers’ wives), so here’s one of the outfits that didn’t make it out of the door for the meeting, I didn’t wear it, because, uhm, well, it’s totally inappropriate.

Shoes, Nadia by Beatrix Ong (woooo, many on sale, http://beatrixong.com)

Long top, as dress, Chronicles of Never.  Leather braided tunic, Todd Lynn.

Eyeshadow, Black Star by Chanel.

The lovely picture below was taken by Dougie Wallace, http://www.dougiewallace.com

Also on my travels today, I fell into a church, I often do this, the one on the bottom end of Hanover Square…but how could I possibly resist this one…St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe…c’mon, pray to the wardrobe.

The photos below fell off my camera whilst I was downloading the Wardrobe Church images…Pictured, Micko Westmoreland (who was the brilliant Bowling Green in the 90s) and now does some very cool stuff, www.mickomusic.com, collaborating with his friend who spends much time delivering art therapy to people in head recovery, with foil covered geodesic shields being the best solution to mental illness of any kind…taken at The Betsy Trotwood a couple of Sundays ago at the Ivor Cutler tribute gig.  Cutler collaborated with The Beatles on The Magical Mystery Tour film, playing Buster Bloodvessel, the bus driver…

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