37 hot pokers dancing in valerian – flowers, yeah

The countryside is always supposed to offer the answers for heads tangled by the city, but sometimes the country GOES WRONG and one gets so carried away with the heartbeat of those calm waves, and swept up into the hazy meadows spilt with poppies or lavender or dandelion wishes…one can forget the requirement to go home, back to the destructive pull of the city, with its progressive promise and offers of filthy lucre…hauled, I was, back from an inspiring¬†stay with the Perenos in their place in a magical village called…no, not sharing it, oh, seeing as you asked,…Kingsdown…twas delightful on the coast of Kent…Frilly socks in grey by American Apparel; Converse shoes; shorts (as worn previously- but bought in Liberty); T-shirt, Ed Hardy
Yes, and apologies for the wackness of yesterday’s blog, I was doing it from an iPad for the first time.

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