41 days of consistency

Sometimes the world can feel like a series of missed events – tonight I didn’t make it to Istanbul for Istancool, nor to the PM Manor, not to the Posted private view in East London, nor to many creative plans lacking completion due to lack of deadlines and home improvements…rather than float around in churches with a video camera, or shapeshifting from one free bar to another, I soaked the oils of the day down the plughole prior to meeting my art school sweetheart, Rev Milo Speedwagon.  We went to see The Band of Holy Joy, who do a fully recommended couple of shows on the infinitely experimental Resonance FM.

The Band of Holy Joy, with special guest Jah Wobble…my heart collides with the earth when the violin meets the bass and Johny Brown performs with that full richter scale of emotions.  The Band of Holy Joy were big in the 80s, messed up with a few too many journalists (there was no media training in those days)…Johny has since worked on the leftbank at the Sorbonne doing theatre work with Ginsberg’s producer, and much more, shout out to Inga for the beautiful VJing.

Shakermaker, Reverend Milo Speedwagon, stellar fella playing the big top at Bestival later this year, and down at the Lock Tavern in Camden on Saturday, perchance.

Dress from the borders of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar (where I also bought a gueeetar, mainly because it rhymes).  Shoes, seen on other days, bought with Cannes in mind from an Oxfam in Islington.  Rhinestone necklace and Massai bracelet, gifts from girl-pals, which I’m aware I have an infinite lack of pictures of thus far…they will appear…

Wow, 40 days of this…325 outfits to go…

2 thoughts on “41 days of consistency”

  1. I just found your blog while I was looking for an image for a post that I was mknaig. Came to your most recent post to read more – and saw that you’ve got my very favorite quote in it! “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs…” Ah, thank you for the reminder. :-)~Leah


  2. /mamnon agha sina,tonestam down load konam.mer29+1 bazam az site aliton saainr.net پاسخ در تاريخ فروردین ۷م, ۱۳۹۱ ۱۲:۲۰ ق.ظ:خواهش می کنم . لطفا اگر در دانلود دچار مشکل شدین اطلاع بدین تا لینک ها اصلاح شوند


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