42 banned photos

Shoreditch House is a no-go for photos – because of all the very important people.  The toilets are one at a time but I saw no harm in privately taking day 41 from the ceramics…Dress, TopShop (a McQueen rip-off, mucho compliments for it).  Furry handbag, bought in Barcelona about five years ago, ideal for my AiiiiiPad.

Also tonight, Letitia Thomas, got married as Booze, to Books & Boogie Woogie at the last Book Club Boutique of the summer at the St Barnabus joint in Soho.  She is pictured here with notes pinned to her by wellwishers.  After all this top entertainment from my old pal, General Salena Godden, hostess of the Book Club Boutique we slipped off in our honeymoon carriage.  I met Letitia when she moved to London about ten years ago and needed a journalist to take on a Telstar day out to the races, she was doing music PR for one of their acts.  Salena I met outside the Coach and Horses pub in Soho when I was going out with Lee Bullman.  She was with Piers Thompson, who became our flatmate for a while, after we’d spent all that night listening to Tom Waits on a rooftop near the British Museum.  I was still in my teens.  Happy days.Letitia Thomas, PR and Marketing whizzchick

General Salena Godden hosting the troops

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