43 days too late for Canada Day

This post is dedicated to the people of Canada (and was particularly requested by Helen Barker-Earley  of Halifax, Nova Scotia).  I was supposed to post a red dress on July 1st because I understand all patriotic maple leaf lovers do something similar…late, here’s a dress I wore ages ago, which is in fact a bedspread, for Oxfam, but it’s red.  The stylist and designer Fiona Doran aka Mrs Jones also made me into wallpaper for the Camden Oxfam boutique she kitted out…I’m still there, plastered to the walls.  

The other outfit for today is my Burgon and Ball fork and trowel.  Shirt by Antik Batik.  Shorts by Joseph.  Black micro waistcoat, Stradivarius.  Belt with religious iconography, used to belong to the designer Mat Maitland, he got it in New York, I swapped it for a mini-amp for the guitar and a Hysteric Glamour T-shirt.

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