53 pieces of your finest couture cake please

An e-pology to Gemma Peppe, manager of the Get Tested campaign at The Hep C Trust (also, longtime friend) – I could not save you a bite of chocolate brownie at The Clerkenwell Kitchen when when we met earlier today prior to my introducing you to the gorgeous Kerry Haynes of Haynes PR…it was whay too unctuous and moussey and perfectly crisp on top and was gone by the time you arrived…every slice on the tray had my name upon it like a fortune cookie, my destiny is to buy more fortune cookies, and to jack more of this fine specimen of chocolate brownie to my face every time I’m in the hood.  Oh no, you arrived, did I have chocolate all over my face?Lipstick, YSL.  Black & white mohair poncho, Marks & Spencer.  White skirt, McQ.  Earrings, bought from a Massai on the Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania.

The gorgeous Gemma Peppe

Shoes, Nicole Farhi.  Skirt, McQ. T-shirt, customised Sadie Frost for the Hep C Trust.

Bandeau, American Apparel.

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