56 Lazy Gramophones

Proud card carrying party member of the LAZY GRAMOPHONE collective am I…official…my profile: http://www.lazygramophone.com/kirstyallison/

The Lazy Gramophone massive are a pure independent factotum who do everything the Institute of Contemporary Arts should be doing, ai -thinking, talking, events and generally getting kreative sheeat together, in an intelligent yoof co-operative styleee.

Dress, worn to lunch at Shoreditch House today for a Slack Alice Films movie meeting, by Italians, God Save The Queen – it’s brilliant for travelling between hotels around far flung Muslim/Hindu/conservative states as the skirt can be tied low ankle riding, or micro-short.  I love to enter a temple with a mini-skirt.  Brings out the punk-tourist in me.  I jest.  I gave up shorts in Muslim areas after my attempts to feminist the natives resulted in being chased out of town in an inbred Malaysian outback.  I’m now more inclined to a burkha.

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