DAY 104

So, did you miss my vain challenge?  I’ll be uploading all the outfits from my internet-free time in fiesta-land and Ibiza in the coming while.  If you’re looking at this on a stolen iPad, I’d like you to send it round sharpish…  I’ve lost my novel and hadn’t backed it up.  It’s difficult to express my disappointment as the month away to work on it was my highlight of the year. It  was stolen from a hire car outside Space in Ibiza.    I thought I was leaving the car in a desert, but since I was last at Space in 1998 it’s turned into a rife little corner of action. It seems more than ironic that Space is where the protagonist’s life changes.  So I’m starting from scratch in a cold London.  I’m wintered up.  Peppering my time with scouting out fantasy properties for sale in Ibiza.  If any of you want a house in deepest West London, ours is on the market.

Chloe cords, Ed Hardy T-shirt, Garfield sweat shirt from Oysho in Spain.

Garfield makes me laugh.  Tropic Thunder tonight did too.

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