Day 113 in Kirsty’s glamorous life

Lunch at the Wolseley in Piccadilly with one of the stars of Tantric Tourists, the film we made in India that we’re close to signing the international deal on.

Dana’s grasp on the surreal translates as superb one-liners, she’s a total star, I hope to add a picture of her soon but she’s in the movie (I will of course let you know when it’s out!)  It’s a pleasure to have her in London, making the film was such a blast but so full-on, we had a tincy crew.  After lunch we had a look in Gray’s Antique Market, best for specialist urgency (ie. there are cheaper places but it’s easy).  Classic pieces of jewellery.  We parted company, I proofread an excerpt of my novel to be published by Ambit in their next issue, and worked on more of my book, then we re-met with the director of Tantric Tourists, and Dana’s friend who she’s travelling with.  Top Indian care of the lowkey Woodlands.  I’d been up working till 3am, and woke by an estate agents at 9am.  I love dreaming, back to it.

Brogues, TopShop (though we sneaked into Beatrix Ong today and she has got some corkers).  American Apparel socks.  Stones T-shirt (yeah, I know, I’ve been wearing it for days, but it’s one of my oldest favouritist Ts), skirt by Alexander McQueen.  Leather, Mcqueen.  Grubby make-up.  I may clean up my eyes soon.

One thought on “Day 113 in Kirsty’s glamorous life”

  1. I’m waiting for the Saatchi exhibit – 365 life-size Kirsty mannequins, each with a different expression, each clad in a different outfit. At the end of the show, they are all shipped to Xian to join the terracotta warriors in a major upgrade for that site.


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