114 desks and this ain’t one

Indeed, Geoff Nicholson, writer of multi-novels, sayeth something like ‎”multi-desks mean multi-productivity”… rooms offer views.  Most writers have rooms, right, I love the Guardian feature about the desks novelists spend all their years at (and the lovely story by Nicholas  Royle in Ambit 198).  I had a desk, but it’s packed up, had to make the room look like a bedroom for the estate agents, so I’m proper hot desking, which I’ve always done, and always will.  I am someone who can write anywhere, the tube being a favourite. I hate wasting time.  I hate repeating.  I hate life passing in stasis.  Some may call that hyperactive, yup, look at the amount of places I’ve worked…and by the way, I am getting close to uploading summer shots from Spain and Ibiza (the missing days), I had a camera nicked as well as my iPad (with a month of work), so lost a load of shots and it’s taken longer to sort through the shots from elsewhere…thanks for your time. My best desk is my duvet.

Betty Smith jeans, as before.  Boots, Zara via Oxfam.  T-shirt, free with Elle magazine a few issues back.

2 thoughts on “114 desks and this ain’t one”

  1. Mine is a bit of a cross between Nicholas Mosley and Ciaran Carson, with a load of tins, bottles and a microwave – and other junk wherever there is space. It’s too crowded and it’s doing my head in.
    I salute your writing flexibility.


  2. I used to have a desk just like Carson’s, unfortunately it got left behind. It was the kind of thing bought for life, with those fantastic drawers, and no choice but to wedge yourself between them. I now have one of the Mosley variety, Ikea-esque, big enough to sprawl over with a tiny computer…I file most paperwork I can’t manage into shoe boxes, pending forever, they then move up to the loft. Recently I’ve been having to go through some of it. So much time to be wasted. But Paul, a microwave. Fast thinking. I salute you, and am going to follow your lead. Put it all in there, press return. Bang. New space for new tins and bottles.


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