115 haircuts and this could be the won

Some people are a little mysterious, and I didn’t realise that the Johnny Russell who I knew was cutting my friend Kelli Ali’s hair, was the same one I knew from my nefarious days on the dancefloor…well, bob’s yer uncle and the BBC’s yer auntie, I was escorting my Tantric Tourist, Dana, around town pursuing a haircut of the finest sort, and in we walk to BLOWW and there is the hairdresser/DJ  himself.   I think he’s rather good.

Today, I fly in their cape.

Dana and I then met with Kelli, who I hadn’t seen since she’d been recording in LA, had a lovely lunch and inspiring, honest day at the office…hurr hurr hurr.  I came back and hit my keyboard into submission till now.

Dana Tonelli, star of TANTRIC TOURISTS and travelling friend, Sue Gomez.

Kelli Ali, go on buy her music

One thought on “115 haircuts and this could be the won”

  1. Well now, Ms. Julie, we both know that my blog cannot quite be derscibed as blogilicious, per se. But I’m working on it! I agree that you are technically gifted. I’m still trying to figure out what all of the stats mean over on my blog. For me, it’s sort of just an outlet. It’s hardly even anything now, but maybe if it becomes something, I’ll have the opportunity to actually create something out of it. Until then, I’ll keep visiting and being inspired by whatever you’re doing over here. =) BTW love the new look! And the purple!


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