118 deer

One of my favourite Brit artists of the 90s was Abigail Lane.  Fun to hang out with, and she and her boyfriend turned me onto Scott Walker when I was working on some music for a fashion show with a guy called Dave Tipper.  The show was sponsored by Wedgewood, so punk as we were, I set about smashing glasses and pitching them down to sound like smashing ceramics.  Hmmmm.  Why am I talking about her?  She did some cool pictures with deer.  This was taken in Richmond Park, and the deer reminded me of her.Ancient jeans by Replay.  Jacket, a gift from Kelli Ali (yeah, she’s good), and long sleeve T by American Apparel.

2 thoughts on “118 deer”

  1. marios1203στις to gamάτο.me re paidia edw kai mia evaomrda peripou dn douleuei lete na eklise kai auto gia ta kala auti tin fora ?nea pantos den exou akousti akoma 😦


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