119 facts of fiction

Fash on week in London.  Today’s personal highlight, Louise Amstrup, she’s gotta be heading towards Burberry with those macs.  Very intelligent Stella-esque wearability with a total McQueen grasp of panelling and form.  Ladies will like.   Pretty silk, lightening prints, denims and sweats with leather.  Also saw the Joaquin Phoenix/Casey Affleck ‘I’m Still Here’ – right up my street, it catalogues disillusionment as Joaquin attempts to give it all up to launch himself as a hip-hop artist.  Fuhnnnny.  Apparently it’s scripted, and the more you think about it, the more it is.  I’m currently so into the theme of Fact and Fiction and where they intertwine, would like to write an essay on it…if I wasn’t blogging, perhaps I’d find the time…but for now, back to the book.

Boots, as before.  Skirt, a gift from the Himalayas, it’s a leather skirt with zip pockets, superfly.  The T-shirt is by Replay.  The jacket, McQueen.

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