128 ShowMeTheMoney House

Ooo, Tatjana Anika!  Seamless swimwear, figure enhancing micro-stripes, boned strapless bikinis, gorg one-piece – they’ll be with us in March (via Net A Porter and elsewhere).  The new label had a little showcase at Morton’s on Berkeley Square.  No photos, shoulda, didnae.  This lurrrrvely promo pic is from the series they took from Roger Taylor’s boat in Atlantis, Ibiza (where I once thought the answered lived). The reason we went was because one of the girls is a former student of mine, and I’m very proud of her.


Also today, a screening for Nick Moran’s second feature, The Kid.  I once interviewed him, or took some students down to a perfume prize thing at The Dorchester, and he said he liked my shoes (white Converse in about 2002), and I’ve thought he’s alright ever since.  We met again in Cannes at the Replay party at the Style Star Lounge, and I am happy to recommend THE KID for a slice of non-sentimental realism.  I preferred it to many council estate dramas because it was genuine.  It’s the story of the bestselling book by Kevin Lewis, whose parents used to kick the shit out of him.  Nick grew up in a ‘tin roof’ estate in South Oxley, Essex, and they shot this around the corner. I thought it had a great sense of place and music through the 70s and 80s (far less romantic club scenes than retro rose-tinted shades often see).  Some people found it tough viewing, but the more believable something, the less I cry.  This may be due to the fact I’ve worked in news, and stopped when I realised I was fast becoming harder than a porno cock.   I think empathy hits a different nerve to suspension of disbelief.  The violence was telling a story rather than being gratuitous.  Of course I could find things to critique, but for a film with such talent involved, I’d know better than that.  To quote my old DJ partners, “Don’t Diss The Disco”.

On a lighter note, we all went down to Shoreditch House after (slags) and one of the party was Russell Brand’s dad, Ronnie.  It was hard to know who imitiates who, but he’s a top guy with a book coming out next year with David Baddiel.  For Father’s Day, perhaps.  Hmmmm.

My personal happiness for this day is getting the insurance through to replace my stolen iPad.  It didn’t have the work I’d lost, but I’m delighted to take it to Paris rather than my ten tonne laptop.

Clobber:  Boots & jacket, Alexander McQueen.  Skirt worn as dress, Phool (it was my mum’s, I can’t believe she FINALLY gave it to me).  Brooch, from somewhere, I can’t remember, it’s been around for years and it’s bizarre because I don’t totally like it but there’s something cool that brings me back to it.  Tights, by Wolford (girls, if there’s one thing to invest in at this time of year, don’t bother with oil shares, put it in your tights drawer).

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