Paris, oui, c’est 130

Manish Arora – what a complete legend.  I’m gonna freeform you with my notes, then you can see if they match the pictures (what a cool game).

sooooooo (this is as written as the catwalked):


Psychedelic neon Kenneth Anger on roller skates, bursts of micro roses in red falling over white chiffon, applique disco ram heads/Indian devil doodles, ancillary baroque shoulders and hips, violin curves. Seventies porn club funk, James Bond, Paint It Black on the theramin.  80s/50s scenes of palm trees and yellow cars beaded onto 60s dresses.  Hot pants for Claire Manumission.  Gold metal prayer blanket jackets.  Rajasthani punk mirror balls on acid.

So, in pictures…

How did the rap and the pics compare?

(yes, I know it breaks Website Design Rule Number ONE to link to sites outside one’s own because you probably haven’t made it this far and are currently browsing, but if you didn’t come back, you wouldn’t find out what I wore, or the amazing style hints I’m going to share at the bottom of this post.  You know why I’m linking outside, because it’s such bad internet form to just swipe them, cheapo skanky behaviour.  I may one day get better at pics, but my camera was nicked in Ibiza, so I’m surviving on the good nature of others, my phone and inbuilt computer one)

Okay.  So I loved it.  The designer points at Hiroshi Nagai (feature in this season’s Another magazine).  Hats were by Christophe Coppens. The music was put together by Marc Chouarain, on tour with Benjamin Biolay.  He played the theramin (that wacky sci-fi Russian invention which responds to the distance of the hands to it).  Accompanied by Thomas Coeuriot on guitar and Denis Benarrosh on drums.  Styling was by Laurent Dombrowicz. Nice.

Now, let’s try it with Barbara Bui – boot legend.


Ipad pockets on suede with 80s sloppy wide shoulders. Safari militart. Rifat Hirst circles, casual jumpsuits with rope, platforms, classy hair, minimal make-up, sponge died silk urban safari, punched leather and silk dress, string vest. Double split on long skirt to cover poonani and show legs, toga silks, more gold, leather trimmed shorts. Alligator inserts.

Let’s try the game again…

Imagination vs the harsh flashes that lose the softness of fabric…although, let it be said, the internet is a great way to see collections without having to go through the ‘who’s sitting where’ escapades (which I still love).

I did take one pic yesterday:

First, the other show I saw yesterday, Sharon Wauchob.


Zip necks, ruffled hems, lay the drapes, thin lace, naked skin, pleated monochrome, mustard gold, minimal tailoring.  Fabric lover. No cover. Grown up.  Deconstruct.

Okay, so other than knocking about a few shows (I do occasionally write about fashion, not just is my novel-in-progress about a fashion designer/band manager, but for magazines since I was a teenager, which I’m not anymore, unbelievably when I’m keeping myself occupied with a blog as banal as this, but it’s Art, darlings, and occasionally I style things for people but)…WHAT ELSE WAS I DOING IN PARIS?

Meeting a friend who’s from Tokyo.  She was helping out Diane Pernet (internet fashion saviour) in Paris, and also with production for supercool accessories people, 1-100 by Graham Tabor and Miguel Villalobos.  It felt very equestrian.  Horse hair one offs – pictured, and men’s bracelets which are individually molded from wax.  Very craft.  Very horseshoe.  Very cool.  Whilst we shared some lovely charcuterie, Akiko found out it had been scooped up by superbuyer, Sarah Lerfel of Colette before they even opened their showroom.  Where Colette start, others follow, so my friend, Akiko Hamaoka is going to be having a busy time.

Here are some images of the one offs:

Akiko is on the left.  This pic was taken in a noodle bar emergency stop in Tokyo last year.  Next to her are Karen Kay (lovely lady journalist) and Jonathan Margolis (gadget man on the FT) – I was writing pieces for Dazed, Creative Review and The Guardian.

I didn’t take pics myself yesterday of Akiko nor myself.  So I can tell you what she wore – a gorgeous little pink jumper (very factory made), knitted track bottoms (alot of the girls on the Eurostar were also doing this, pink Reebok hightops, military jacket and mohair scarf.  Pastel colours.  She’s so beautiful.

I wore, the same as the Shoreditch House pic the other day with different boots (the rock n roll brown ones with a heel low enough to wander down the Port de Champs Elysees for about five bridges on nothing more than 8 horse chestnuts) and an aran Chloe cardigan from a few seasons ago. Must be something in the fashion ether (or Chloe and Stella and Celine) because there was a clear trend among the younger fashion pack for wearing oversize beige/camel arans and thin belts.  Ai.

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