133 is this love or just confusion

I am starting to get confused about what I’ve worn and what I haven’t…eeeek!  Catastrophe!  So, one of my rules with this challenge is to not go out and go shopping just for the sake of it.  I am a firm believer in having solid pieces in one’s wardrobe that will last for many years.  Not that this top/dress was bought with that in mind – it came from a little boutique in Krabi, perhaps, Thailand.  The tights are Wolford, the boots are Zara, last season.

The other rule, which I shall clarify in some kind of pretentious manifesto at some point, is that pieces can be worn repeatedly, or on multiple occasions, but never so that exactly the same look is replicated.  I have considered does a pair of shades, or a pair of knickers constitute an outfit change, the answer is no, a girl should always have clean knickers on, in case she meets a doctor.  Shades, I’d love to have more.

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