142 Blain|Southern

Hokay, art buffs, y’all know that Christie’s bought Haunch of Venison last year – one of the most ‘on it’ international contemporary galleries, but what happened to the victors who set it up – did they run over the horizon with bags of swags?  Perhaps, but are now back in Dering Street, which runs between Old Bond Street and Han(g)over Square in London with a new gallery, Blain|Southern.  The first show is brilliant.  It’s by Mat Collishaw, who used to go out with Tracey Emin, and I nearly moved in with him in his old place in Brick Lane in the 90s.  Haven’t seen him since but learning from the old shock school, he’s taken a religious theme and whacked it up…as relief cuts out of those horrendous old ceiling tiles, or polystyrene, and then hit moving lights behind them.  They’d look great sunk into white walls.  The other series had video loops showing behind wooden religious arches (I’m sure they have a name, answers in the comments please)…I thought it’s interesting that they could almost be issued like prints, but we could argue that about many folk from Michelangelo til now.  

Also dropped by a thoughtful and provoking show at Stuart Shave’s Modern Art – great slab of green flint, fashion shots and metal and some Man Ray graph paper.  Opposite, at the Pilar Corrias Gallery, Rirkit Tiravanija was doing his usual – but ‘what is art’ thing, with 20 minute video portraits of Thai villagers.

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