147 One and Other

Yesterday, went to the launch for the Anthony Gormley book, One and Other, about the plinth project I was part of last year – 2400 people, all had an hour each, over 100 days, to do something on the plinth on Trafalgar Square.  It’s now catalogued at the British Library, and the Wellcome Trust.  I read poetry, excerpts from my novel-in-progress and had a speaker and mic.  Deposited on the plinth by a crane, I was accompanied by some African fabric and a poster for Tantric Tourists, to make it homely.

Gormley was charming to meet,  also Hugh Brody, who’s written an essay in the book, and Brody’s lady, Juliet Stevenson, the actress (knew I recognised her beauty from somewhere).  I also met a guy who’d flown over from the States for the launch, there’s a group of fans who met through Tweeting, 30 of them meet regularly because of the social sculpture.  They’d have met more people if they’d done it at Eros…I’d been lecturing in the day, so spruced up my outfit with one of the demi-hats of the moment, bought at Joy on Tottenham Court Road.  The sweatshirt is from Gap.  The dress, McQ, as before.

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