148 I think, therefore I AMBIT

I MADE THE COVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Ambit, the original psychedelic literary journal, jazzier than a jazz cigarette, kindly selected an excerpt from my novel-in-progress, and have published in their NEW EDITION, the 202nd edition, BUY ME, BUY ME, BUY ME!!!

The illustration is done by the fantastic Jack Foreman.  I love it, and it’s amazing to someone interpret the words.  The opposite of dreamy.

I’ve been working on this novel for many years.  It’s very nearly finished.  The excerpt is from Ibiza.  I’m super-delighted to give Ambit the first sneak…

Thanks to all involved, particularly the editor, Martin Bax, and prose editor, Geoff Nicholson (whose book about walking is particular interesting, my current read).

Clothes:  Blondie legs – according to Liz Havilliand, she used to wear knee pads, I don’t have a stock of them, but instead kept my knees warm in these first freezeswith legwarmers and lace leggings from H&M, boots, as before.  Jumper and skirt, Alexander McQueen.

2 thoughts on “148 I think, therefore I AMBIT”

  1. I’ll just have to AMBle along and buy one or two. No AMBIvalence about that!
    But it will have to wait till I’m in London in November


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