outfit five zillion and forty two

I am going to have to start borrowing clothes from folk soon…I’ve held out, but this is my fella’s cardigan, worn with a Joseph belt, couple of vests.  The jewellery was my grandma’s – I never met her – she lived in a house with a moat around it, which got willfully stolen by an alcoholic old wench who followed her…slag.

I’m wearing a McQueen leather skirt, McQueen boots, Dior burgundy tights and that lipstick is Dolce Gabbana.

It was the look that rode me through the day – and continued to a screening of a film called Bodyguards and Assassins about the shoe designer, Beatrix Ong’s great uncle.  She’s got some cool blood.  

2 thoughts on “outfit five zillion and forty two”

  1. . . . . that would give this sartorial epic a second wind – to visit friend’s homes andtog out in whatever they were not wearing, with pithy comments. And they could try their hands at smearing vaseline over the lens for romantically out- of- focus pix.


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