big up the Hep C massive

There’s more on this story on the British Vogue blog, but I styled (did most of the clothes) for a project spearheaded by the Oscar Wilde of our times, Boy George.  The pictures will be revealed next year, but it’s celebrities dressing as their 80s icons…

I’m wearing a dress by me ol’ mucker, Mrs Jones, who’s just lit Katy Perry up like a birthday cake.  Saw the pics, ammmazzzing job.  She hadn’t worked with lights since her collaborations with Giles back in the late 90s.

I also picked up a Mrs Jones dress for Gemma Peppe, Ms Hep C, she totally rocked it.  An inspiration to all of us.  It was a fab night, ended up in Bungalow 8 with all the folk from the pictures.

Thanks due to Kerry and Michelle Haynes, from Haynes PR.

There’ll be video at some point, then you can see the tights, Jonathan Aston, dogtooth.  The veil was bought in a great antique lace shop at the bottom of the high street in Lyme Regis, the sea end…earring, made by myself from a necklace given by Kelli Ali (whose new collaborative album is a gothic wonder).

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