Legs eleven and the best advert this year…

Day number one hundred & seventy-ish.  It’s winter, or to be correct, late autumn (winter starts on the 21st of December in the northern hemisphere, when the sun is farthest south)…to assist us through these long and icy months, what could make any girl happier than hot water bottle-pockets on a fur-trimmed Chanel coat?

I first saw this advert on the back of one my favourite publications, Vanity Fair – WE LOVE YOU GRAYDON.

Boots, you’ve seen these before.  Stockings, Givenchy.  Dress, H&M.  Sleeves, Uniqlo (seriously, I can’t believe I’m writing that, but as before, they are warm, if not a little synthetique).

Yes, and for keen observers of this blog, you’ll know there’s still a gap, and summer daily changes have yet to be uploaded, but it’ll be so freezey by the time I do, they’ll heat us right up (all shot in Spain & Ibiza)

2 thoughts on “Legs eleven and the best advert this year…”

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