Rocks in my hand and holes in my face

Freeeee London – The National Portrait Gallery, downstairs, great photographs by Mary McCartney, particularly one, that I must tweet to Boy George and Gemma Peppe.

Freeeeee London II- The Royal Festival Hall – MUST SEE – the World Press Photo 10 –  this touring exhibition is an education, every year.  Frontline photography at its best.  I caught my first in Mumbai.  They never fail to open up the world in the blink of an eye.

This is my look for today.

Also had the pleasure of falling upon Donald Gardner – poet extraordinaire – he’s playing at the Poetry Cafe tomorrow, if you want to catch some genuine, old skool beat.  They’re also doing some surreal.

Leather, McQueen. Jumper, vintage. Jeans, True Religon. Vest, M&S. Furry wool waistcoat, as before.

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