I was bad. I wore oil.

This post covers a backdated, lost weekend.

Rose on the Friday, Ylang Ylang on the Saturday, Tuberose on the Sunday.

Blame Salena Godden, she gave me the Agent Provocateur oils after reading at her club a few weeks ago.


Ylang Ylang a Sat a Sat a ding dong

Tuberose on the Sunday… all over it like a Craig David record.

3 thoughts on “I was bad. I wore oil.”

  1. You should really be giving away one of those USB Aroma sticks to regular viewers. Come to that, isn’t it time you had a Kirsty fragrance – package that with a photo and a pome and you could have a winner.


  2. I do not know what to think about this bad luck?Everything is clear they have apartment for march 1, may be not April or May, but acltlauy I have never talked with Marcel, only this lady, who insisted that there is no more Marcel here


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