I wanted to get a full chav suit for Christmas.  So off I went to the new Gilly Hicks store in glamorous Westfield.  The chick at the door, poor love, has to say, ‘Get yourself some down undies’ to every poor sucker who walks through the doors…anyway, I picked a fur trimmed hoody in ‘Oatmeal’ and matching cheeky butt  fluffy lined slobbo-bottoms – got them home (after about 6 hours in the Westfield vortex)  and the tracky bottoms are not in the ‘Oatmeal’ the sales chick said they were, they were in GREY – that shop, it’s all black inside, sort it out…why would I buy skitzo-chav suit?  Now I have to go back to Westfield, IF I still want to chill out in a cazual matching styleee with those that make it through the snow soaked country for my family get together this Christmas.

Hoody by Gilly Hicks

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