Sick o’clock

The film I’ve produced, Tantric Tourists, for director, Alexander Snelling (Mr Kirsty), has nearly killed me, but we’ve finally got a release date – 14th February, yup, VALENTINE’S DAY… It’s being distributed by ourselves, Slack Alice Films, and in the UK by Independent (the same company who made Moon and Mr Nice, they’re also doing sales) and in the US by FilmBuff.  What a freaking trip.  I blog about it here, but Valentine’s Day, let’s HAVE IT, show us some love…it’ll be a few cinemas, and available on DVD & online, once pre-orders are up and running, I’ll let you know.  You can qualify for an exclusive 35% discount on the DVD, with extras such a Making Of, edited by me, via the Facebook fansite.

It’s the first feature I’ve produced, we did a couple of shorts together, and I worked as creative director on video launches for brands like Marie Claire, but Tantric Tourists has taught me a whole new industry – making movies is like crack, and if you’re doing it as independently as we have done with this one, that means there’s not enough budget to maintain a consistent habit, so the clucking and comedowns and waiting can go on forrrrreva, making you skinnier, and more twisted every day…but if there’s anything I like, it’s a glamourous challenge.


4 thoughts on “Sick o’clock”

  1. And therein lies the problem with recycling – TIME! I used to make baby blankets for my girlfriends each time they popped one out, all patchworked out of old schmutter- but now – no time to do something so lovely. On the other hand, I could wear them as a mad pigeon feeder, in bags, but think the worst may be over.


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