I got my own tartan…and a mono pod

My cuz in the land of Manx (that’s a cousin who lives on the Isle of Man, which for those of you unawares, is a small autonomously governed island in the Irish Sea, best known for its exports of large yachts) was sporting a rather fine tartan as his Facebook identity of late – I asked him about the context, and it turns out it’s a family tartan – yo – I got my Allison clan…Everything in my house is going to be covered in this soon – the walls, the loo seat, the shelves, the sofa.  Make. My. Day. Punk.
Today’s outfit is the best ever Christmas gift EVER!  From my mother-in-law to be, Sybil Kent – a star of the Spanish stage, and one time working-men’s club regular – she knows I get cold feet (!) so brought me this superb device, a granny spectacular – a foot warmer – it’s got an auto-switch-off-after-an-hour button, so I won’t be toast in the morning if it slips into bed with me.  I’m hopping around the house in it.  My hot mono pod. Fetching, huh?

2 thoughts on “I got my own tartan…and a mono pod”

  1. hey, I’ve been looking at similar things myself because i sit still at my desk (a lot more than you it sounds like!) and I too get cold feet, and hands – for hands I’ve been looking at a USB powered heated mouse pad cosy. unfortunately both hands and feet warmers seem to only come in silly furry animal designs, not sure if that’s better or worse than ur granny monopod!


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