Go see Diva Zappa’s show at the Maison Bertaux in Soho – London – on for a few months – she rocks like her daddy.  Can’t believe I met Mummy Zappa, and Moon too – what a supercool family.  There was a hip thing about it on Another.

I’m gonna be flying all night – in Lionel Road Studios – making two costumes for Boy George’s band tomorrow – they’re on Loose Women, a British TV institution for stay at home mothers who also read The Daily Mail.  Loving making this stuff.  So liberating, although stitching boning is deeply not suited to the skills of my ol’ Bernina machine.  Maybe I need to ramp up my toolshed.

Tantric Tourists is all over the radio and press…eeeeek – it’s out Monday, you can pre-order on iTunes, or find it in a cinema, more info on http://www.tantrictourists.com and http://www.tantrictourists.wordpress.com  The DVD has a Making Of that I put together…

Viva la zappatistas.

T-shirt by Onitsuka Tiger, vintage Pugh-esque cardigan, jewellery is listed in previous blogs…cape…about to be cut up into applique pieces

The thing I styled for Hep C was in The Sun today!  (I did all but Adam Ant.)

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