Hello boyz

I was gonna paste Paperself eyelashes all over this, but instead went for micro-synesthesia, you likin’ the illustration vibe?

Today was Man fashion, so many beautiful boyz, yup with a ‘z’.  There was a real split between old school England and “urban”.  Good to see old faces doing so well. Young Lulu Kennedy‘s peeps were great. Loving the furry Astrid Anderson; Matthew Miller’s morning-glo soles; and the silver Bunney badges.

As ever there’s the military vibe, as so keenly noted by Hardeep Kohli Singh, the Burberry Prorsum was fighting fit, and KTZ called to duty a collection of psychedelic-neon keffiyeh-prints (keffiyeh scarves are that dogtooth check on an Arab tip).

Other trends:  zips that make jackets into different lengths (cropped bolero/mid/long – or doing the same for sleeves).  Guess it’s something to do with investment in pieces that do multiple things.  Astrid did a great parka like that.  I loved a leather, by Martina Spetlova, and a goat-esque fur by Les Chiffoniers.

My romo-rock look:  boots, vest & leather, Alexander McQueen.  Leggings, TopShop.  Adidas hoody.  Lace jersey stripe, as before.

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