What day is it?

 What am I wearing? Feels like a pedicure because I wore espadrilles in the rain and now ropes hang from my toes.   WITH: Replay jeans, a striped Laura Ashley long-sleeve T, and a red, silk shirt-dress tailored by Romyda Keth in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia.

This (ultimate vanity) project, cached and stored for our delectation is now stretching the parameters of an unwritten manifesto about documenting 365 different looks for everyday of a year, but blogs are slogs to maintain daily and at Slack Alice Films (my fiancée, Alexander Snelling’s company), we’ve released a film since the last post.  Plenty a bloggy, corporate clone imitation with drone dullard tones *poetical interlude* …

All 365 up here,  locked and loaded someday.  Hurry time slowly.

One of my students requested immediate documentation of today’s looks – Nizaad Shah – you photographic superstar, this one’s for you…back atcha.

3 thoughts on “What day is it?”

  1. This Living Dead pinhole style could become a genre in its own right. Tantric Zombies could reveal the latent characteristics of ghouls for moviegoers.


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