In bed with Balzac

“Greeting one another with the flippant banter that in certain circles in Paris passes for wit…a young painter, who regularly dined at the Maison Vauquer, had infected his fellow guests with the habit (of inserting -rama, from Diorama, on the end of every sentence) …coldorama…nipporama…hellorama…corn-orama”

Henry Reed‘s translation of Honore de Balzac’s Pere Goriot is brilliantly alive.  It’s anti-costume drama.  Paris 1837, with a palette of nowness.

McQueen jumper, white shirt, charcoal and silver pinstripe trousers.

2 thoughts on “In bed with Balzac”

  1. Hi, Kirsty, I loved your blog! It’s so cool and super creative….Ah! Tks for adding your pic from that day at UCK and to promote my blog as well. I just would like to say that I loved to have you as my teacher! UCK wouldn’t be the same without your lectures! I’m finally finishing the course, just one last assignment, and that’s it! Tks for everything! Fabiana


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